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Arak, a typical Balinese drink as a means of ceremonies and drinks that are hunted by tourists

Arak Bali,

Arak Bali as a Balinese souvenir that has received official permission

Arak-In religious ceremonies in Bali, there is one ritual called tetabuhan, tetabuhan here is not a gamelan but a treat that is poured into the ground for the Bhuta Kala.

In the Hindu concept called somya, which means changing the nature of Bhuta Kala to become a god. Similarly, when we are hungry, the characteristics of Bhuta appear as emotions, then in somya (changed/neutralized) n with treats in the form of food and drink, the nature of Bhuta changes to become a divine character. Deity's character here is feeling calm and satisfied.

Religion and Balinese culture are synonymous with symbols and we are required to be able to translate and apply in this life to be a positive thing.

Speaking of the tetabuhan issue above, the facilities that are often used are arak, tuak, and berem. Arak is a type of fermented beverage containing 37-60% alcohol (ethyl alcohol). The function of alcohol for the body is to warm the body when the weather is cold and usually as a neutralizer of cholesterol levels in the body, but in a reasonable dose, because anything that exceeds the dose will have an adverse effect even the drug must be in accordance with the dose which if consumed excessively will be toxic to the body .

Arak has been granted permission from the Ministry of Health and is allowed to be one of Bali's special souvenirs. The taste of wine is not inferior to alcoholic beverages from abroad whose prices are also far more expensive than arak. Even foreign tourists often hunt for wine as a drink. In many hotels, wine is also provided during the cocktail time and usually as a complement to flavors, wine is often mixed with honey so it is often called honey wine. The taste of hard wine and the sweet taste of honey mix into one so that it becomes a distinctive taste.

The basic ingredients of wine are from distilled white sticky rice, but if the material from distilled black sticky rice the type will be different and the name is different, namely brem. Many home-based businesses make their own wine but sometimes pay less attention to the alcohol content permitted by the Ministry of Health.

Arak GGH,
Arak production sites are already abundant in the area of Bali, and arak ingredients are generally from sticky rice, in Singaraja there is wine made with rice by people of Chinese descent who have long lived in Singaraja. It's also not inferior to arak which is made from sticky rice. The name of the rice wine in Singaraja is GGH (Guan Guan Ho).

Intrigued by the taste? Please buy arak in Bali and take your time to visit Bali to know more about the unique things in Bali.

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Arak ggh memang wah, minuman alkohol yang mudah dijumpai di singaraja ini memang wajib dicoba saat berkunjung ke singaraja. Sekilas tentang ggh rasanya pengah, belum tau sampai saat ini campuran yamg tepat untuk arak ini, karena kemari saat dicampur cola! Rasa pekat dari arak masih sangat identik. Mungkin untuk penulis bisa lebih paham untuk dijelaskan. Entah untuk kadar alkohol yang terkandung, tp yang pasti satu botol untuk berdua itu sangat terasa memabukan. Jadi untuk mencobanya seperti lebih tepat 1 botol untuk berempat, akan pas dan tidak memabukan. Harganya kemarin pas beli sekitar 75rb/ botol. Tidak seperti arak bali yang umumnya terbuat dari kelapa, Arah ggh terbuat dari beras! Jadi sebenarnya menurut saya kurang mewakili arak bali yang sebenarnya.