Thursday, 4 May 2017

Not only Kuta Beach, Virgin Beach offers the beauty of the beach

Virgin Beach - The charm of the beauty of Bali has been known throughout the world. Who does not know the island of Bali with its natural beauty like heaven? Its beaches are undoubtedly beautiful. Not only Tanah Lot, Sanur Beach and Kuta Beach, but Bali also has many beaches with its uniqueness and beauty.

Beach tourism objects on the island of Bali are not only the beaches mentioned above, but there are still many beaches that you don't know yet with the beauty that is not inferior to the two beaches. If you want a beach that is quiet, visitors like the private beach but have beautiful objects. If so, the answer is Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem.

Beaches in Bali are not only white sand, but there are also those that have black sand but black sand beaches are less attractive to foreign tourists because during the day the weather will get hotter.

This beach is a beach that is located near Candidasa attractions. This beach is also called Perasi Beach by locals because the condition is clean, calm and beautiful so foreign tourists call this beach as Virgin Beach. Uniquely this beach is another beach near this black sand beach, only this beach is white sand.

For tourists who first visit this beach, it is likely to be difficult to find the location of this Virgin beach. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the services of a guide or invite people who have visited this beach. The goal is that you don't get lost and waste time just to find this location.

If you want to visit this beach and you want to ask the location with the locals, you should ask where is the beach location, because the local people only know Perasi Beach, and the nickname Virgin Beach is only named by foreign tourists who have been there and feel the calm, cleanliness and the beauty of the beach.

Currently, only a few domestic and foreign tourists visit Virgin Beach because the location is quite far and not easy to reach this location because of its hidden location. If you depart from Kuta Beach, you will need about 2 hours, and if you depart from Candidasa, you will need 20 minutes.

But if you want to vacation to a quiet beach and want to find peace, not crowded, clean and a little pollution, then Virgin Beach that you must visit during a holiday in Bali, although the distance is a bit far.

Perasi Beach Bali can be categorized as one of the best beaches in Bali and its name is often included in foreign travel guides. Sand on Virgin Beach is not very white but is more yellow, and slightly mixed with black sand.

Sun deck 

No need to worry about food when vacationing on this beach, because there are already small shops and cafes here, selling food and drinks at affordable prices or not as expensive as the price of food on Kuta Beach. Traditional boats are a complementary sight on this Virgin Beach.

If you are lucky when visiting this beach during sunny weather, you will be able to see the color of the blue and clear sea water, great for swimming or snorkeling. Stay careful when you swim with children, even though the beach conditions are calm.

If you want to lie down and sunbathe while enjoying the beauty of the beach, there is also provided a sun deck but confirm first to the cafe owner there.

Accommodation facilities are not yet fully available on this beach, not as complete as accommodation facilities at Candidasa attractions. If you visit the Virgin beach and come from southern Bali like Kuta Beach, it's a good idea to visit other attractions that are located near the Karangasem Virgin Beach.

If you are interested in visiting this beach, please see the map below as a guide: