Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Sekumpul Waterfall - The most beautiful waterfall in Bali


Sekumpul Waterfall-North Bali is famous for its waterfalls. The area of North Bali is the most extensive among all districts in Bali. Many are indeed waterfalls, but North Bali has one waterfall which is said to be the most beautiful waterfall in Bali.

But there are still several waterfalls in the North Bali region such as:

- Aling-Aling Waterfall

- Colek Pamor Waterfall

- Nungnung Waterfall

Besides being beautiful, this waterfall is also unique. Want to know what it's unique like? please visit during the rainy season but must be careful too.

Yaps .. this one waterfall is located in Sekumpul Village, Sawan District, Buleleng. The name "Sekumpul" may come from the word "Se" which means one and "gather" which means together. So "Sekumpul" means together into one place. The seven waterfalls in the hills are collected in one place, namely in Sekumpul Village.

At Sekumpul Waterfall there are 7 waterfalls, but we can reach only 2 waterfalls because it is located near the main road and 5 other waterfalls are located in locations that require extra power to reach it.

This was mentioned about its uniqueness, this waterfall has two water sources, but it will clearly be seen in the rainy season, because when it rains and there is a flood, one of the water sources will be cloudy because it comes from another river and the other will be clear because sourced from springs.

To reach this waterfall, you have to go down the steps about 300 meters from the main road. Do not imagine tired first, because on the way you will be treated to a beautiful view and can occasionally hear the birds singing there.

It is recommended to be careful when visiting during the rainy season because you cannot predict the arrival of floods and a large amount of water debt and slippery road conditions can interfere with travel and safety.

Tourists usually use this location for refreshing from all the activities and routine activities, but of course, the activities of the photos will be one of the destinations in this location.

As an illustration, you can see below the location map of Sekumpul Waterfall: