Thursday, 11 May 2017

Menjangan Island, an underwater paradise in West Bali

Menjangan di pinggir pantai

Menjangan Island - Bali does save a lot of charm, ranging from natural beauty, cultural diversity, food, and religious tourism.

For those of you who like diving, Bali has the answer. Bali holds an amazing underwater paradise on Menjangan Island. Menjangan Island is located north of the West Bali National Park, precisely in Kelampok Village, Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. or about 80 km from Singaraja City and 60 Kilometers from Lovina and about 4 hours from Denpasar City.

To reach this island you have to cross by boat motor for approximately 30-40 minutes from the lalang port. At Lalang Port, a complete diving package is available that you can choose according to your holiday budget. This package includes boat rental, insurance, guides, and snorkeling equipment.

The price details are as follows:

- Rent a boat: Rp. 400,000- Rp. 600,000

- Snorkeling equipment per person: Rp. 40,000- Rp. 50,000

- Entry fee; Rp. 4,000

- Guide: Rp. 100,000 per group

Taman bawah laut
The island is called Menjangan Island because on this island there are indeed many deer species whose population is decreasing so that the government has made Menjangan Island a West Bali National Park in an effort to save it from extinction.

Menjangan Island is synonymous with diving and snorkeling activities, this island has many diving and beautiful coral reefs. You can find coral reefs starting from a depth of 10 meters.

The formation of coral reefs indeed surrounds Menjangan Island, even the formation of coral rocks at a depth of 60 meters forms small and large caves with a function as habitat for marine animals such as soft corals, small snappers, large groupers, and batfish. The seabed also includes tuna, batfish, jackfish, angelfish, sea turtles and even sharks.

There are diving spots on Menjangan Island, including:

Eel Gardens

Eel Gardens is a diving spot located west of Menjangan Island. In this spot there are lots of collection of sea fans and eel gardens according to the spot name.

Secret Bay

For you lovers of macro diving, Secret Bay is the right location for you because you will find a variety of coral reefs, rare marine biota, muddy sand on the seabed at this location. This location is also a location that is still very natural or not much touched.

Various species such as frogfish, nudibranchs, seahorse, shrimpfish, dragonets, lionfish, pipefish, sea shrimp, ribbon eels and the others are only 10 meters deep. But you must dive at the right time if you want to enjoy the beauty of these species.

The right time is when the wave is high and the moon is in the right position too. Use the good and thick wetsuit because the temperature of the water here can be cooler than other Balinese waters.

Anchor Wreck

For those of you who have become professional divers, you can try a diving location called Anchor Wreck. The deeper the dive site, the greater the risk, because at a depth of about 45 meters, you can see the uniqueness of a shipwreck that has been rusted completely with its anchors. According to opinions circulating in the community, this ship sank in the 19th century at the time of World War II and this ship was owned by the Dutch. Inside the ship were found ceramics stored in a chest, it was suspected that this ship was the ship used to transport Dutch slaves from Bali to Jakarta.

Bali is identical to its landscape, in every corner of Bali there must be a temple, so it's no wonder Bali gets the nickname of the Thousand Pura Island. In Menjangan Island, there is also a temple called Pura Agung Pingit Kelenting Sari. This temple is located at the end of Menjangan Island overlooking Java. The Ganesha statue located on the front of the temple has a height of about 15 meters. In this temple, there is also the Pagoda Dewi Kwan Im. This temple is a place of worship of God to protect the nature of Bali and especially the Menjangan Island itself.

There are no residents who live or settle on the island so that this temple is only used as a place for Tirta Yatra. For you or the Hindhu people who want to carry out the prayers at the Pura Agung Pingit Temple, you must pass through seven places of worship.

Starting from Taman Pingit Klenting Sari Temple, Kebo Iwa Great Harmony, Dewi Kwam Im Great Pagoda, Agung Dalem Lingsir Hall, Puncak Penataran Agung Pingit, Ida Betara Dalem Lingsir Waturenggong and the last is Sang Hyang Ganesha and Mrs. Dewi Parwati.

The Great Pagoda Building Dewi Kwam Im is the most unique place of worship. This Tri Dharma place of worship has a Buddhist architecture consisting of three undag and is similar to a pagoda. The pink color dominates this sacred building, another uniqueness is that it is not permissible to offer meat in this holy place. In the days of the kingdoms in history here there were Hindus and Buddhists. On the journey, it is not uncommon for both to go together and acculturation like this is born. Just as in Hinduism there is a Buddhist Shiva pedanda.

To see the location of Menjangan Island, you can use the map below: