Thursday, 4 May 2017

Lovina Beach, a dolphin paradise in North Bali

Lumba-lumba Lovina,
Lovina Beach - Bali does have a very interesting tourist attraction, ranging from beaches, waterfalls, temples, culture and traditions, art and much more. No wonder Bali is the world's best tourist destination. The beauty of Bali is not focused on the southern hemisphere, the northern hemisphere still presents a lot of charm and uniqueness that you must know.

North Bali or Buleleng Regency actually has great tourism potential, because the distance is quite far from the airport, making tourists from outside Bali are sometimes reluctant to visit may be constrained by a short vacation time.

Sometimes a tourist attraction that is often said to be an icon of Buleleng Regency is Lovina Beach. In Buleleng Regency itself, tourism places that tend to be crowded from foreign tourists visiting Lovina Beach are also.

Lovina Beach is one of the beaches in Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

Lovina Beach's popularity has existed since a long time ago. The uniqueness of Lovina Beach is that dolphins often appear and swim jumping in the middle of the ocean. The best time to see dolphins on Lovina beach is in the morning.

Have you ever experienced a boat ride in a calm ocean? if ever, surely it will be very fun, isn't it? moreover, you will be treated to dolphins jumping and chasing each other beside you.

At a distance of 1 km from the beach, you can meet dolphins, to reach the location, you can ask local fishermen to deliver it, of course with the appropriate fee pegged by the fisherman, which is around Rp. 150,000.00

For the tranquility of the beach, not inferior to Sanur Beach, the shade of trees on the beach is also almost similar to Sanur Beach, but for tourism supporting facilities that are still lacking such as watersport activities and others.

Speaking of the sunset, Lovina is also not inferior to Kuta Beach but for surfing activities, it cannot be done in Lovina, because the waves do not support it. To watch the sunset at Lovina Beach, you have to come at 5-6 in the afternoon, because that time is the right time to watch the beautiful sunset in Lovina.

Lovina Beach Biota is still good and diverse so it is good to use for diving activities, not to lose with other diving spots in Bali.

Many foreign tourists and domestic tourists visit Lovina Beach. Some just eat at a nearby restaurant, some just sit watching the calm of Lovina Beach waves, some take pictures while waiting for the right time to see dolphins.

Sand on Lovina Beach is the sand of most beaches in Buleleng, namely black sand. the texture is not so rough and still comfortable to occupy.

Intrigued to see dolphins directly on Lovina Beach? immediately visit this tourist attraction when you are on vacation in Bali.

To find out the location, please see the map below: