Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Kerobokan Singaraja Beach, the beauty of North Bali

Pantai Kerobokan-Kerobokan Village, Sawan Subdistrict, is about 20 minutes from Singaraja City. Villages that have not been too exposed to the beauty of the beach actually have great potential to be developed, depending on the commitment of the Buleleng Regency Government and the Village and Kerobokan Customs Governments.

The icon of Kerobokan Village is the beach, the beach with black sand does not have good waves for surfing, but the coral reefs are still well maintained. A calm atmosphere adds to the beauty of the beach. many investors have built villas there as a means of supporting their coastal tourism.

Beautiful gardens that are newly laid out and managed by the village also add to the beauty of the beach. For visitors can also enjoy the food and drinks provided there for just relaxing or having a family event. The most prominent menu is the burnt fish.

If the weather is friendly, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful sunset at Kerobokan Beach. Domestic tourists usually enjoy the beauty of dusk while fishing to just channel their hobbies.

The Buleleng Regency Government has routinely held "Sailboat Contest" when commemorating the anniversary of Singaraja City. It is a pride for the people of Kerobokan Village because the beach is used as the start of the race and finishes at Lovina Beach. The aim is none other than to inform tourism in Buleleng Regency, especially Kerobokan Beach itself.

Maybe more in-depth study and comparative study with other tourist objects whose names have skyrocketed, because this beach is still really new. The layout between park parking, stalls, toilets, and beach areas also still needs an assessment stage. Because the layout affects the mood of visitors. Hopefully, Buleleng Regency Government and Kerobokan Village Government can consistently develop this tourism potential.

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On this beach also held a mass camp each year by 3 villages, namely Kerobokan Village, Keloncing Village, and Sinabun Village. The program was named "Nyekar". Nyekar is a prayer event performed at night on the beach, the aim is to express our gratitude to God for all the abundance of fortune we get. Since the event was held at night, all villagers held a camp on the beach. This is the only unique event in Buleleng and Bali regencies in general. For those who are curious about the process, please visit and capture it coincides with the full moon.

Festival Seni Sawan (Fesensaw)

In 2016, the start of the Sawan Art Festival, with the aim of introducing all forms of art in Sawan District in general, and introducing the beauty of Kerobokan Beach in particular. Even more specific is the introduction of typical culinary and handicrafts.

The implementation of Fesensaw was not spared from the support of the Buleleng Regency Government. To enliven it, invited Balinese artists to fill the show. he hopes that this Fesensaw can be held every year as a manifestation of the seriousness of the Buleleng Regency Government generally in introducing the potential that exists in this Sawan District and the potential of Kerobokan Beach as a valuable asset of Buleleng Regency.

For the merchants, this is where they introduce their flagship products, as a promotional medium as well. good for beginner entrepreneurs or for entrepreneurs who already have their own names and characteristics of their products. Buleleng still holds tourism potential that still needs to be explored and developed so that this Buleleng and Kerobokan are specifically one of the favorite tourist destinations in Bali.

Demikian sekilas tentang Pantai Kerobokan Singaraja, kalau pembaca ada waktu luang untuk travelling, mari kunjungi Pantai Kerobokan untuk mengisi liburan kalian.