Thursday, 4 May 2017

The graves of Jayaprana and Layon Sari, Romeo and Juliet Bali

Graveyard as well as Pura Jayaprana located in the Accepted Teluk Forest, Sumber Klampok Village, Gerokgak, Buleleng. This tomb is 67 kilometers from Singaraja. It takes approximately 4 hours to reach this tomb from Denpasar City. Bamboo Curtain Country is famous for the Sampik Ing Tai story, the Western World is famous for Romeo and its Juliet, Buleleng is also not inferior to the story of Jaya Prana and Layon Sari. This temple was built with the aim of remembering and perpetuating their true love story.
We try to flashback the story,

The love story of Jayaprana and his wife, Layon Sari, because it is very famous in Bali until his grave is now a tourist spot. The story of an orphan who came from Kalianget Village, Buleleng died as a result of love with a woman whom the king liked too. When the outbreak struck Kalianget Village, only Jayaprana was the only person who survived the attack of an infectious disease that attacked his family. Because the King was merciful to Jayaprana, the King invited him to the palace. Little Jayaprana then decided to devote himself to the King and lived in the court of the Kingdom of Wanakeling. Jayaprana was very dear to the king, as he grew up he became a handsome young man with clean white skin, increasing Jayaprana's authority. Because he had grown up, the king ordered Jayaprana to travel around his kingdom to see a girl who could be his mooring. Jayaprana also found a girl who so captivated her heart, the girl named Layon Sari and Jayaprana also managed to marry Layon Sari who was famous for her beauty.

But it is very unfortunate, the King was also attracted to Jayaprana's wife. The king seeks a way to get rid of Jayaprana so that the King can have Layon Sari. The King also sent Jayaprana to western Bali to fight pirates, but when he arrived at Teluk Accept, Jayaprana was killed by Patih Sunggaling on the orders of the King. Although that was the king's reason for being able to get rid of Jayaprana (sent to West Bali) so that the King could have a reason for Layon Sari that Jayaprana died in the battlefield. Because Layon Sari's love for Jayaprana is so great, Layon Sari decides to commit suicide in order to catch up with her beloved husband so that the King fails to have Layon Sari. True love is brought to death, that's the love story of Jayaprana and Layon Sari. Love brings joy and sorrow.

What a great love for both of them, until they are willing to die to be together in the realm of eternity. Nothing can replace his beloved partner, alive, once in a lifetime.

Jayaprana's body and Layon Sari were buried and built a temple to commemorate their true love story. Access to the road to this tomb is good. The location is at an altitude so from this place you can see Menjangan Island and Lovina Beach from a distance.