Thursday, 4 May 2017

Sambangan Village - Tourism and spiritual village

Desa Sambangan
Sambangan Village - the village that is not inferior to its natural condition with Jatiluwih and Ubud Villages is Sambangan Village. Its location is in the northern part of Bali, precisely in the Sukasada district, Buleleng Regency. The location of Sambangan village is close to one of the tourist icons of Buleleng Regency which is famous for its dolphin attractions, namely Lovina Beach. From Lovina Beach to Sambangan Village, it will take around 20 minutes to use a motorized vehicle. If you depart from Ngurah Rai Airport, it will take around 3 hours to reach Sambangan Buleleng Village.

Sambangan Village is at an altitude of 500 meters - 1,020 meters above sea level. Divided into two sides, the south side and the north side. The topographic northern region of the land is relatively flat, while the southern part of the topography is steeper and sloping. This sloping topography offers terraced rice fields and protected forests.  

Sambangan rice terrace,

For those of you who want to enjoy natural recreation, Sambangan Village is the answer because the nature is still beautiful. Many local tourists and foreign tourists have come just to enjoy the beauty of the scenery in the village of Sambangan. Sambangan village is also used as a trekking spot in Bali because Sambangan village has a natural and beautiful uphill and waterfall topography.

Similar to Jatiluwih Village, the irrigation system used by farmers in Sambangan Village is a traditional Balinese irrigation system called "Subak". The Subak organization has the task of dividing water for farmers to irrigate rice fields. The farmers will get water in a fair, rotating and even manner for their rice fields according to the obligations they pay to the Subak.

It takes about 3 hours for Trekking in the village of Sambangan. Start trekking starting with "Secret Garden orientation". Orientation at Secret Garden will take around 30 minutes. A scenery of rice fields, coffee gardens, cocoa gardens, salak, palm trees, jackfruit, bananas, and other plants will be enjoyed throughout the trekking journey.

Because the trip is quite far, you will be instructed to rest at Tibuan Puncak Sari, there is a natural swimming pool. Trekking continues and you will see the Aling-aling Waterfall. After approximately 1 hour drive you will see Kroya waterfall, twin waterfalls with a height of 10 meters, and the Pucuk Waterfall which is about 15 meters high.

Sambangan Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali, has been developed into a spiritual nuanced tourism area because Sambangan Village has a calm and beautiful natural scenery and has been designated by the local government as a popular tourist area in North Bali. With the natural condition of Sambangan Village which is in a beautiful, beautiful and cool mountain area, it is very supportive for spiritual activities such as meditation and yoga. To support this, the government has built several houses, villas and other facilities to support spiritual tourism.

When you are in Sambangan Village, you can see the north Bali sea from a height while enjoying the beautiful expanse of rice fields and rows of other hills.

To go to the village of Sambangan, you can see on the map below: