Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan


Buyan and Tamblingan Lake - When you pass Denpasar-Singaraja road, on the side of the road you will see a beautiful lake in the Buleleng Regency after seeing Beratan Lake located in Tabanan Regency.

There are two twin lakes there named Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. This lake is good for your vacation or just stop by for those who have a destination to Singaraja. A cool atmosphere and the tranquility of the lake will make you feel calm while there. One interesting thing is that there is a place to take pictures with the background of this lake, such as swings and platforms provided by Wanagiri Village.

This lake is also very good to use for those who have a hobby of fishing. You will be able to see the fish because the lake water is so clear. really fun we can't see your hook when you eat by the fish there? the air we feel cool too.

This lake may be said to be a lake that tends to have little pollution because it is still awake to the lake, canoes or boats that are used for crossing or fishing are still using oars and no one is using machines. Do you want to feel how good is boating in the middle of a calm, clear and cool lake?

For locations near Lake Buyan, many strawberry gardens are widely spread. Well .. while walking, while looking at strawberry, if you need to buy and taste the strawberry ...

Road access to the lake has also been good, but it is recommended for visitors who are not strong with cold air, to wear thick clothing so that body temperature is maintained and does not feel cold.

View danau dari pinggir jalan

When the lake is seen from the side of the road presents a beautiful view, especially if you are in the lake and doing activities and relaxing. Well .. for young people who want to travel with loved ones like family or boyfriend, can capture your moments here by taking photos and looking for the best place that you think is a good photo spot.

If you want to linger to enjoy the atmosphere in this tourist attraction, there is a place to stay available around this lake, depending on how much you can afford to rent.

Are you interested in visiting it? if interested, enter your vacation list and immediately visit this place. Usually this, the place is crowded when visiting holidays and the average visitor is still a local person.

To see the location of this lake, you can use the map below: