Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Melanting Buleleng Bali Waterfall

Melanting Waterfalls - When you are on vacation in Bali, you will be treated to the natural beauty that is difficult to be matched by other tourist areas. why is that, because tourism in Bali is unique and does not exist in other areas. Bali as the place of the Gods, so called, a place full of charm and beauty that can captivate the hearts of local tourists and foreign tourists. Various tourist objects that you can visit in Bali, whether it's beach tourism, hot water, mountain tourism, waterfalls, caves, forests, bird parks, to unique religious tours of the Balinese Hindu community itself.

One of the beautiful and enchanting attractions and soothing is the Melanting Waterfall which is quite high and has beautiful natural scenery. The uniqueness of this waterfall is its location in the middle of a coffee garden and clove garden so that when you visit here, it feels as if you are in a plantation but there is a source of water. Before you reach this waterfall you will hear the roar of the water falling from a height making your step want to be accelerated because you want to immediately enjoy the sensation of being near it.

You will often hear melodious birds singing because this waterfall is located in the plantation area. This waterfall is about 20 meters high. Cool air feels because this place is at an altitude and dew due to this waterfall is also a complement to the coolness of the air. It feels rather difficult to find air pollution here because many oxygen suppliers are here.

Tourists visiting this waterfall are not only local tourists, but many foreign tourists also visit this waterfall. At weekends or holiday season, the volume of tourists will usually increase in this place. After seeing and visiting this waterfall, the stomach usually becomes hungry. If you want, you can bring your own provisions from home or you can also buy food there.

Just imagine we can feel imaginations and sensations when we are in this tourist area, let alone we really come there to enjoy the panorama and the coolness of nature in Melanting Waterfall.

To make it easier for you who want to visit this attraction immediately, please see the map below: