Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Les Waterfall


Air Terjun Les- Bali is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Everyone has realized it. Bali does have extraordinary natural beauty, there are many tourist objects in Bali that are so popular in foreign countries. But, aside from these popular places, Bali also has a hidden tourist attraction that is not less beautiful and unique. One of them is a waterfall in Les Village. If you are adventurous who likes to explore the natural beauty of North Bali, Les Waterfall is the right place to visit. This tourist attraction is located in Les Village, located in East Buleleng, about 38 km from Singaraja City and about 50 km from Lovina Beach.

This tourism object is still not developed yet, it is still as it is so that everything still looks natural. Les Waterfall or also called Yeh Mampeh which means "Flying Water". Why is it said to fly water? Because the water falls from a height of up to 30 meters as if flying before finally falling into a large pond. The hills of Pungsu and Tangudi are hills that flank this waterfall and this waterfall also has three levels. Not only foreign tourists but local residents also always visit this waterfall to feel a natural massage when bathing in a waterfall.

The road to the waterfall is quite far, approximately 1 kilometer from the main road. Only by walking or using a motorbike can you reach this place, because the road is not sufficient to go by car. If you are interested, you can walk to get to this waterfall, because you can casually enjoy the scenery around before reaching the destination. If you are still confused about going to the location, you can also hire a guide to show the direction.

Tourists will be busy visiting here during holidays or Hindu religious holidays in Bali such as Galungan. Usually, foreign or local tourists will visit here during August and before or after the celebration of the New Year.

Not only natural scenery can you enjoy when visiting here. For those of you who like challenges, ask the tour manager here to prepare a trip to the top of the waterfall because there is still one more waterfall level above it, but still be careful of the risks, because it is also quite difficult to reach the top of this waterfall.

It seems that the information available about this place is inadequate because this place is not so famous. The potential that can be developed is the potential use of this waterfall as a trekking place. The community is trying to continue to develop the tourism potential of this waterfall, in order to make this waterfall more popular in Bali and Indonesia.

For those of you who don't know the location of this waterfall, you can see it on the map below.