Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Aling-Aling Waterfall - Very Instagramable


Aling-aling Waterfall - Tourism potential that has not been extensively explored is the potential in Buleleng Regency. Perhaps due to the road to get there from Ngurah Rai Airport is quite far, sometimes tourists become reluctant to visit it.

North Bali also has a beach that is no less beautiful than the beaches in South Bali. Besides that, North Bali also has a lot of hill topography so the air and the atmosphere are also cool, very suitable for refreshing.

North Bali is a waterfall paradise, besides Gitgit Waterfall, there are many more waterfalls in North Bali. One of the waterfalls located in Sambangan Village is the Aling-aling Waterfall.

Uniquely this waterfall is its peak split into two waterfalls but still side by side. The right waterfall discharge is greater than the left waterfall. On the way to the waterfall, you will hear the sounds of insects and birds. Classic does it feel? already cool, calm, natural again ...

Many domestic tourists and foreign tourists have visited this waterfall. The attraction is the spot of the photo, the fresh air around the waterfall because as we all know, trees are a source of oxygen for the earth and the height of the place is also a contributing factor to the humidity here.

The development of social media is indeed very rapid, one of which is Instagram, an application for sharing photos made by Facebook. Now for those of you whose hobbies are photos, this Aling-Aling Waterfall is very instagramable.

Visit immediately and capture your moments in photos and upload them to Instagram. Incidentally, the photo spots here are very supportive, so express yourself in taking photos at this tourist spot. Besides that, you can also take a bath here, feel the fresh water falling from above, but hope to take a shower on the edge of the waterfall because the current is quite strong.

The entrance fee to this tourism object is as honest as it is, wow ... it's already cheap, it's a good place, how not to make your vacation more enjoyable. To find out the location of the ALing-Aling Waterfall, you can see the map below: