Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Nature tourism Singsing Buleleng Waterfall

Singsing Waterfall - The main purpose of people vacationing in Bali is the beach, it is not surprising because the area of Bali is surrounded by beaches. Therefore, it doesn't feel good if you visit Bali but not to the beach.

even so, it is not only the beach that is a tourist attraction in Bali. There are many other tours that you can visit in Bali. Including waterfall tours. One of them is Singsing Waterfall in Buleleng. This tourist attraction may not be famous. But, the atmosphere there is able to bring charm that makes the feeling more comfortable.

This waterfall is located in Labuhan Haji Hamlet, Temukus village, Kec. Banjar, Kab. Buleleng. The location can be reached because it is close to one of the popular tourist attractions in Buleleng Regency, Lovina Beach, which is only 3 km away, Lovina beach itself is famous for dolphins in the sea, which can be seen while riding a boat is a must-visit destination for a sightseeing event. in the North Bali region, and the Singsing waterfall is located close by, so it's a shame to just skip it.

Usually ,you who have an adventurous spirit will feel challenged and want to visit a waterfall wherever it is, this Singsing Waterfall is no exception. To reach this waterfall, you have to walk 600 meters, challenging right? The location of the waterfall is on a hill, so you can see the view of the northern Buleleng or the one near the beach from this place. Although the tourist area of North Bali has many interesting waterfalls, the Singsing waterfall is visited by many tourists, both by foreign and domestic tourists.

Although the location is quite far from Kuta, it doesn't hurt you to try to visit it as part of your traveling list but don't just visit one object so it doesn't run out on the trip, so you have to plan your tour starting from Kuta, Bedugul to Singaraja. You can take a tour package provided by travel agents or you can rent a car in Bali with a driver or without a driver arranging your own event with your family or a loved one.

The height of this waterfall is around 12 meters with a smaller water discharge during the dry season and the discharge will be greater during the rainy season. The source of this waterfall comes from mountain springs. This place is perfect for treating your boredom with the natural beauty of the hills, the crystal clear water, natural rocks and the fresh waterfall.

Do not you think there is only one waterfall here, approximately 100 meters from the first waterfall through stairs from river rocks, across rivers and cliffs you will find the second waterfall. This second waterfall is higher than the first and the water discharge is greater, in the middle of the waterfall there is a large rock that splits the water into two parts, with a beautiful natural landscape, makes you feel at home and wants to stay there long.

Adjacent to the waterfall area, there is a monument that is a relic of the Dutch era. The monument was originally built by the Dutch to commemorate its officers who died during the Banjar war in 1868 so that in 1956 the monument was destroyed by local residents because they were considered to respect an occupier. But in 1992 the Regional Government of Buleleng issued a policy to rebuild the monument, because as Bung Karno said: "Never forget history", and the monument became a symbol of the Banjar community's patriotism in fighting colonialism, which is also expected to be a historical tourist destination completing the event take a walk in North Bali.

Singsing Waterfall is a tourist attraction which is unlike most waterfalls in Bali. This waterfall is very quiet and very appropriate to find tranquility. Moreover, the atmosphere there is very supportive to find peace.