Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Gitgit Waterfall - Twin Falls in Bali


Air Terjun Gitgit- For people who want to travel to Bali, the first tourism object asked is Kuta Beach and the tourist attraction in southern Badung, whereas apart from Kuta Beach, Bali still has many other tourist attractions such as some interesting waterfalls to visit. The waterfall that is most frequently asked by foreign tourists is the Gitgit waterfall. There are two waterfalls in addition to the Gitgit Waterfall, namely the Waterfall and the Kembar (Twin Waterfall) waterfall, which is located adjacent to the Gitgit Waterfall.

This Gitgit Waterfall is located to the left of the road from Denpasar to Singaraja. Precisely located in Gitgit Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng. These three waterfalls have clear water, but when the rainy season is followed by flooding, the water will become cloudy. The time needed from Denpasar to this waterfall is about 100 minutes to 2 hours of travel.

There are three waterfalls, the first waterfall is Twin waterfall. The ticket we have to pay to be able to enter and enjoy the beauty of this waterfall is around Rp. 3000 per person. After passing the path, you will soon see this twin waterfall, as the name implies, this waterfall is divided into two and then merges again to flow to the next waterfall.

While the second waterfall is a multilevel waterfall. Following the flow of the first waterfall through the path, you will find a bridge. This bridge is a place to cross or you can also use it as a place to enjoy this terraced waterfall. This bridge crosses the river flow which is the source of the multilevel waterfall. After feeling enough or you feel tired from the trip, you can rest in the gazebo near this waterfall.

Usually, people who are in a cold place will look for a warm one, in this location, there is a warung that provides hot drinks or instant noodles. If you want to eat in the gazebo, you can, while enjoying the beauty of the waterfall and the cold air here, especially eating with your family, you will definitely eat more.

Going up to the third level, you will see the most popular waterfalls from these three waterfalls, namely Gitgit Waterfall. The location of this waterfall is the highest among the three waterfalls in Gitgit. The facilities are also complete, so the waterfall is the most preferred place for tourists from all three.

Restaurants, inns, and art shops are already available that sell Balinese handicrafts, spices like cloves and vanilla near Gitgit Waterfall. Other supporting facilities are clean toilets and places to change clothes for tourists who bathe in this waterfall.

For those of you who are curious and want to visit this waterfall, but don't know the location, please see the map below as a guide.