Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Want to take a shower directly from a clear spring source? let's take a bath in Air Sanih

Foto: travel.detik.com

Air Sanih-When visiting the eastern part of Buleleng, take a time to stop and take a shower in a public bath that comes from a spring. The location is on the edge of the Singaraja-Amlapura highway. Because it comes from a spring, of course, the water is very fresh and free of chlorine which can damage the skin and hair.

For the bath, Air Sanih has two ponds. one for children and the other for adults. Uniquely this pool is directly connected to the sea which is just north of the pond.

Many tourists visit here on holidays and are dominated by local tourists. Foreign tourists often visit here and enjoy the freshness of this bath.

Accommodation available at Air Sanih is in the form of buoys, namely inner tubes, and there are also stalls as a place to eat and drink for visitors either before or after bathing in the pool. There is also a bathroom to change and to defecate.

tourists who come mostly for bathing and swimming. They usually vacation in groups. There are those who invite friends and some invite family too. A good place with relatively affordable prices makes this tourist attraction always crowded.

Swimming is also a way to refresh the brain from all the hustle and bustle, both busy at school, work and busy taking care of the household. Swimming is also one sport that is healthy for your body. So there are several advantages if swimming in Air Sanih first, the body is healthy because of exercise, both bodies are healthy because there are no chemicals such as chlorine, and the last is a healthy mind because it can be a vacation with loved ones.

To get to this Air Sanih Tourism Object, you need about 20 kilometers from the Lovina Beach Tourism Object. Ticket prices for adults are Rp. 8000 and for children is Rp. 5000. By paying that much, you can swim as much as you like in this Sanih Water Pool.

Interested in bathing in fresh springs? immediately visit Sanih AIr, to find out the location, you can use the map below: