Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Banyuwedang Hot Springs

Foto: Balitour.net
Banyuwedang-Bali hot spring has a lot of hot springs because every hill usually emits water sources that contain blerang. One of the hot springs in North Bali is Banyuwedang Hot Springs. This bathing place is located in Pejarakan Village, Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency. The distance is about 60 km from Lovina Beach or 140 km from Denpasar City via the road between Denpasar to Bedugul, and Singaraja then towards Gilimanuk.

The location of Banyuwedang is near West Bali National Park because the south of the road to Banyuwedang is the park. North is the tourism area that will be developed by the local government, the name is the Batu Ampar area.

In contrast to other hot springs in Bali, Banyuwedang Hot Spring has a source of hot springs sourced from the coast and is under water when sea water is high. Because the hot water that comes out of the discharge is quite large, then a circular embankment is made with the aim of not mixing hot water with seawater when the tide is high. The sulfur content in this water source has a temperature of around 40ΒΊ Celsius. The temperature is higher than Banjar Hot Water.

Similarly, Banjar Hot Water, Banyuwedang Hot Water is believed to be a bathing place that can cure various skin diseases due to its sulfur content. Many tourists bathe here as relaxation or with natural medicinal purposes.

Hot water located near this beach can give more impression because you can soak in hot water while enjoying the beauty of the beach. This tourist area has been supported by a large parking lot. Other facilities are closed bathrooms and several small stalls and other shelters so tourists can be comfortable when visiting here. Tourists who visit here are dominated by domestic tourists compared to foreign tourists. Domestic tourists who visit here mostly aim for treatment rather than to relax or aim other.

Mangrove plants adorn this beach edge in order to prevent abrasion. Even this hot water is sourced in the middle of this mangrove tree. This Banyuwedang Hot Spring area can be said to be a Health Tourism because most of the tourists who visit this place are for treatment from their skin disease or other diseases.

Intrigued and want to take a bath in Banyuwedang Hot Springs, immediately visit this tourist attraction.